Lindy Hop

Sunny Side

You take regular classes in your local scene and social dance at least once a week. You know the basics, but want to keep working on them to improve and make your flow and rhythm better.

Shiny Stockings

You have been dancing for more than 2 years, taking regular classes and going to workshops. You know most of the basics and also some variations. You would like to be better on fast tempos, learn more complicated shapes and rhythms.


Every tempo is confortable for you, your dancing is full of rhythms and shapes and you know some fancy moves. You attend international workshops and are always at the advanced levels. You want to work on new steps, but are also interested on improve the technic and musicality.

Crazy Rhythm

Lindy hop is what you do! You are a teacher in your scene and travel to take or to give classes, use to attend international workshops quite often and are on the Master / Invitational Level. You have read all the other levels and think they are not enough for you.